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Make Learning SPECIAL
  • Simple
  • Practical
  • Effective
  • Collaborative
  • Innovative
  • Adaptive and
  • Long Lasting


We Learn Before We Make You Learn!

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of trainers make the concepts simple, share real time experiences and deliver interactive workshops with high quality training materials. We strongly believe in practical learning so all our trainings will be very interactive and activity based.


We believe in VALUE over VOLUME So, we give utmost importance to the quality of our training content, delivery and service. We take all the necessary care to meet our participants expectations and help them to get the value for their money through our high quality interactive training, material and post workshop support. We take regular feedback from our participants at the end of every workshop to help us continuously improve.


We are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to provide Project management, Agile and Technical training through Learnovative. We have come up with realtime experience in various domains include IT, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Hospitality, e-Commerce. Our passion is to increase the project management knowledge so that it will help our participants to improve the success rate of their projects. We strongly believe in practical learning rather than theory, so all our trainings are more activity based with real world examples and scenarios. It helps you to sustain the knowledge you gain through our trainings for longer duration and you can also easily use this knowledge at your work.

Our motto is “Initiate…Build…Develop” the relationship. So your journey with us will start much ahead of our training program and will continue even after workshop. In order to have individual attemtion to our participants in our trainings, we take maximum of 12 participants for our training programs.


We strongly believe that learning involves the body as well as the mind. Learning is fundamentally an act of creation, not consumption of information and knowledge. Also, learning takes place on many levels at once in the human brain, and is not a linear, one-thing-at-a-time brain activity. Collaboration increases learning; isolation and competition decrease it. Learning occurs through active doing, with time for reflection and feedback, not through passive listening. So we make all our trainings interactive and activity based so that the participants can get the value for their money and time.

  • We are #1 in Agile and PMP training space within AP and Telangana
  • We help you to pass the certification exam in first attempt
  • We have highly qualified, practicing trainers
  • Our trainers are international speakers
  • We provide activity and realtime scenario based training
  • We provide unlimited online tests along with detailed explanation
  • We provide training material 2 weeks in advance

  • We conduct a sample project during the workshop
  • Our training material is of high quality
  • We provide continuous post workshop support
  • We review your progress and provide suggestions
  • On demand based Skype sessions to clarify queries
  • Same trainer takes the entire training so continuity is maintained
  • You can access our practice tests on desktop, Laptop or Mobile


  • We have successfully completed our CSM & CSPO workshops at Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai in the last couple of weeks. Please visit our Facebook page (Click the link on the Upcoming workshops widget above).

  • We have high quality, highly interactive, and TBR based CSM, CSPO, A-CSM and PMI-ACP workshops across India. For details, please contact: (learn@learnovative.com OR 9848032144)

  • We have updated our calendar till June 2019


  • "  1. Instructor has in depth knowledge and concepts, good teaching, explanation skills, patience till end of the cource
    2. Very much satisfied with training and confidence
    3. May be some practical based session could help implement the concepts. THANKS TO LEARNOVATIVE"

    -Padmaja Kodooru

  • "The pace and details of each of the topic covered was very simple and effective "

    -Mohammed Omer

  • "  1. It is quiet interactive and good, thanks
    2. Interesting and starting to work on. THANK YOU "

    -N. Roja Rani

  • "Entire course content and structure are well organized. Good luck and my best wishes to Learnovative management. Thank you "

    -Sivakiran Rambilli

  • "Vijay was able to keep the audience engaged throughout the duration of the training. The training focus had been on empowering attendees to understand project management processes and imbibe in day to day work. Has been a good experience. Will certainly recommend to others"

    -Ravi Kishore V V

  • "Thank you! Time well spent, worth every penny! "

    -EPV Yesudas C

  • "It was good session, well planned "

    -Pramod Kasam

  • "It was a good session. The faculty's ability to explain is good "

    -Kalyani Reddy. C

  • "It was nice way of delivering and came up more confidently"

    -Vanaja. P

  • "I have passed ACP exam on 31-Oct-13. My special thanks to Vijay Bandaru for all his support and guidance for my preparation. Learnovative course materiel & sample tests were really helpful.
    Thank you very much to LEARNOVATIVE!!!!!!!!!!"

    -Sailaja Jalleda

  • "I am happy to let you know that I am PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner now (cleared on 15th Nov). Mr. Vijay, thank you so much for all your support, you are one of the best teacher I have come across."

    -Ramesh Manickavel

  • "Topics have been covered in an organized manner. MTI is observed in specific words. Thanks for covering the Time and cost topics again"

    -Vanaja. P

  • "Impression on your session is growing day by day. Examples would add value "

    -Sai Prashanth. N

  • "Good examples and scenarios are taken"


  • "Excellent sessions, I could recollect the forgotten knowledge. Thank you"

    -Padma Vengai

  • "Learnt things that I was unaware. It helps me improving my knowledge"

    -Ramakrishna Uda

  • "Very good and more interactive, keep the same"

    -Ramakrishna Uda

  • "There was a proper mix and case studies, videos, Q&A, training deck"

    – Sai Ram. C

  • "Overall, very good workshop"

    – Nagarajendra T

  • " Very good and interactive teaching"

    – Hemanth. P

  • " I got more than expected. Thank you"

    – Prakash. G

  • " Good session, Interactive"

    – Aravind. P

  • " Excellent presentation and motivating skills"

    Viswanath. V

  • "Shared very good tips with us"

    – Robin. P

  • "Very effective communication"

    – Sreekar. K

  • "Good Presentation"

    –Soumen. B

  • "Good and very conceptual sessions"

    –Vinod. B

  • "Good tips for PMP exam purpose"

    – Naga Bhanu

  • "Explained well. Nice shortcuts"

    – Sudha. K

  • "More handouts for problems (Examples) would have been better"

    – Haricharan. S

  • "It was a good session"

    – Lakshmana. S

  • "Presentation is good & examples are very useful"

    – Sudhakar. C

  • "The way in which presentation handled is great. Can be further little on (Exam pattern)"

    – Srikanth. P

  • "Very effective communication"

    – Nandagopal. V

  • "The questionnaire during sessions / Chapters is helpful"

    – Azar Khan

  • "Good methodology adopted. Q & A Pre-Assessment & Post-Assessment"

    – Madanmohan. T

  • "Made us solve enough questions. Made day topics interesting"

    – Santhi. S

  • "Good explanation & approach towards mock tests"

    – Ramamohan. A

  • "Very good interactive session"

    – Samuel. C

  • "Though subjects are sort of dry, Explained excellent by taking good examples. Really appreciate!"

    – Purander.D

  • "Tips given made the job easy"

    – Bhaskaran. C

  • "Very confident in subject knowledge"

    – Ravi Kandukuri

  • " Extremely good in time management"

    – Vijay Kumar. G

  • "Presentation as per examination point"

    – Ravi Prasad. K

  • "Very well presented"

    – Dhanish. N

  • "Considering the subject to be very dry the efforts of the trainer are commendable to have a very interactive session and was quite helpful to understand the topics well"

    – Jashuva. V

  • "The overall 4 day sessions were well planned & the knowledge gained has been immense"

    – Abdul Nazeer